Qualified Behavioral Therapist

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Stage 2 – e-learning

Complete Vocational Training With Inspirational Knowledge

Ideal education for you that want to learn to fully understand people’s behavior, reasons for their behavior and the results and consequences.



Prerequisites – Health Care Therapist Stage 1

Ideal education for you that want to learn to fully understand people’s behavior, reasons for their behavior and the results and consequences. Why do people behave the way they do? What are their driving forces? What values do they have? This education fits those of you who have always had an interest in behavioral science and want to work as a therapist. You can also use this education as a compliment to your current career within service, health care or personnel management. This is complete vocational training for those of you who want to set your own office hours and meet and manage clients from the private and public sectors.

The Education’s Contents

Behavioral knowledge education that gives a broad knowledge about understanding people, their behavior and their driving forces when their emotions steer their behavior. We integrate the stage 1 education i.e. the basic information builds on the knowledge from the prior stage. We include the use of different relaxation techniques, visualizations, dramatizations and personal experiences, picture therapy, dreams and symbols. This education gives good insight into the various roles between therapist and client with verbal communication in focus.

The Goal

Is that the therapist will have the ground knowledge in the cause, effects and results. Existential psychology, psychosynthesis and symbols to help the client identify their problems. This education contains valuable information that can be used on both the physical and psychological levels and provide success in both client’s work and private lives.


Distance learning. A person can work full-time during the entire period of training. The practical section you can complete in to your own time schedule. Written accounts are emailed in according to the academy’s time schedule.

Initialization: e-learning.


Occurs after all assignments are turned in, the book reviews have been completed on those stated e-books in the form of literature and with the account of own experiences and client experiences. It is required to have 5 structured meetings via Skype during the education process with Sadholms Academy.

You become a Qualified Behavioral Therapist at the end of the completed semester time!

Educational Investment

Total cost for the entire semester: €1.800.

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