Qualified Health Care Therapist

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Stage 1 – e-learning

Complete Vocational Training With Inspirational Knowledge

Ideal education for a person that has the desire to work with health and health care. This education offers you basic knowledge in enriched health care and is a good investment in your own health.



Education prerequisite – no former education is required.

Ideal education for a person that has the desire to work with health and health care. This education offers you basic knowledge in enriched health care and is a good investment in your own health. This knowledge and education can also be a positive compliment to your current health care career, or beneficial for those of you that presently work in another form of service minded business. This education suits a person who has come to a place in their life and the realization that it’s time to make positive lifestyle changes, to achieve higher personal development. A type of person who has the desire to develop useful and practical skills to work within the fields of health and health care.

We can proceed from the proven research that the first stage to being unhealthy is caused mainly by stress. Then you must recognize the importance of societies needs and the benefits that can be acquired from the knowledge of solid stress management techniques.

This education teaches various health care techniques of treatments to manage stress, anxiety and nervousness. After learning proper relaxation techniques, a person is more aware of their own body signals. A person then has the tools required to protect themselves from burnout and can manage their everyday lives on a healthier and more stress-free level. This education can be used as a compliment to your current work situation and can also provide a basic education for those of you that want to change your current career direction, within the industry of health and health care!

The Education’s Contents

Your own development in focus: 4 stages for the body – need oriented therapy that gives well-being with increased positive energy. You will be able to recognize a person’s own personal needs and help them achieve their own cultivated level of personal balance. Using exercises and treatments that involve body relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and EFB (Energy Flow Breathing) methods. These methods are used to counteract nervousness, stress, insomnia, anxiety, fears and similar destructive experiences.

Documentation, ethics, the Official Secrecy Act and information about personal insurance is included.

The Goal

This education provides you with basic knowledge and structure to work as an entrepreneur, so you can to offer health care services to both the public and private sectors. You can work full-time in connection with your studies. You can start to work immediately after you’ve completed the education, as a Qualified Health Care Therapist.


Documentation, The Privacy Act, ethics and information about responsibility insurance is included.


Distance learning. A person can work full-time during the entire period of training. The practical section you can complete in to your own time schedule. Written accounts are emailed in according to the academy’s time schedule.

Initialization: e-learning.


Occurs after all assignments are turned in, the book reviews have been completed on those stated e-books in the form of literature and with the account of own experiences and client experiences. It is required to have 5 structured meetings via Skype during the education process with Sadholms Academy.

You become a Qualified Health Care Therapist at the end of the completed semester time!

Educational Investment

Total cost for the entire semester: €1.800.

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